We have a $50.00 minimum.

Cerakote colors that we do not normally stock will add an additional $45 to your order.

Disassembly/Reassembly is always on top of the Cerakote coating prices.
It usually ranges between $25–$100 depending on the gun and difficulty. 

Call for accurate pricing.


One Color: $200.00
Two Colors: $240.00
Three Color: $280.00
Custom design up to 3 color: $300.00 + Add stenciled charge below
Add Camo pattern (Three colors) $100.00
4 Color Kryptek pattern + up to 2 mag bases: $450.00
3 Color SnakeSkin pattern + up to 2 mag bases: $350.00

Distress Add: $60.00
Slide Only–One Color (stripped): $65.00
Frame Only–One Color (stripped): $65.00
Coat Barrel Only with Cerakote C Series: $50.00
Coat Pistol Magazines (must be one of the colors on gun): $20.00 Each
Coat Pistol Magazine (Separate Color): $30.00 Each
Stenciling Work: $30.00
Surcharge Extreme Detail Stencil Work: $50.00
Surcharge Hardware Only: $50.00
Add Clear (Hi-Gloss or Matte): $75.00
Polish Barrel: $75.00

Theme type pistols usually run around $400.00 and up depending on number of colors and detail.


Autoloading—AR-15/M4 or AK
Complete Gun: Upper and Lower Receivers, Barrel, Handguard, Pistol Grip, Pins, and Controls.
(Does NOT Include Stock—Except on Shotgun )

One Color: $300.00
Two Colors: $340.00
Shotgun Metal Only: $250.00
Three Color Camouflage Pattern: $550.00
Four Color Camouflage Patterns: $585.00
Five Color Camouflage Patterns: $620.00
Four Color Kryptek Pattern (Includes the high temp stencil): $650.00

Camouflage Using High-Temp Stencils–Stencil Surcharge: $35.00
Coat 20/30rd AR Magazines One Color: $35.00 Each
Semi-Auto Bolt and Bolt Carrier (AR or AK) Coat with Cerakote DFAC: $150.00
Scope Mounts (One Color): $50.00
Scopes Standard–One Color C-Series: $100.00
Scopes Target and Tactical–One Color C-Series (Includes masking of dials, etc): $160.00
Scopes Target and Tactical–Camouflage (costs may vary, call for quote): $200.00 and up


AR Upper and Lower Receivers Only—One Color (Stripped): $175.00
Upper Only or Lower Only: $90.00
AR Upper and Lower Receivers Only–Up to 4 Color Camo + Stencil charge (Stripped): $250.00
Upper/Lower/Handrail One Color: $225.00
Upper/Lower/Handrail–Up to 4 Color Camo (Stripped): $400.00
Barrel-One Color: $100.00
2 Color Fluted Barrel: $150.00
Stock—Standard A2 or M4 (One Color): $50.00
Stock—Target Adjustable (MagPul)(One Color): $75.00
Bolt (Micro Slick): $25.00
Bipod (One Color): $100.00
Forearm—Rail Type (One Color): $65.00
Forearm—Picatinny Quad Rail (One Color): $75.00
Magazines (One Color): $35.00 Each
Extra Color Charges for Accessories (Each Color): $20.00
AR-10 and Variants Surcharge—Add to AR-15 Pricing: $75.00
FN-FAL, HK-G3/G33, Etc Surcharge—Add to AR-15 pricing: $75.00

Special Weapons

Suppressor: $65.00

Tight Tolerance Parts and Markings

We do not coat sears, springs, bores/chambers or other tolerance critical or high-flex parts. In addition, we do not media blast scopes or other optics and as a result, there will not be as good of a Cerakote adhesion to those items.

At the present time orders are taking 2-4 weeks to complete after we receive your project.